The decision-making committees of the association are the General Assembly, the Members Council and the Board.

The General Assembly is composed of representatives (delegates) from the full members (state associations of the adult education centres), the Board and one person sent by each municipal umbrella organisation at the federal level.

The Members' Council consists of two representatives each from the full members of DVV. The President and Chair as well as one person sent from each of the three municipal associations also belong to the Members' Council.

The Board


Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer
Federal Chairwoman of the Christian Democratic Union

Vice Chair

Susanne Deß
Director VHS Esslingen

Associate Members

Katharina Seewald
Director, VHS Kassel District
Heike Richter-Beeser
Director, VHS Leipzig

In Advisory Capacity

Honorary President Prof. Dr. Rita Süssmuth
Ulrich Aengenvoort, DVV Association Director

Gender- and Diversity Committee

Dr. Beate Blüggel
Director, VHS Aachen


Dr. Ernst Dieter Rossmann
Member of the Bundestag

Deputy Chair

Winfried Ellwanger
Director, VHS Cham

Associate for the Municipal Associations

Klaus Hebborn
Councillor for the Association of German Cities

Organisational and Financial Committee DVV

Steffi Rohling
Director of the VHS Association of Rhineland-Palatinate

Institute for Internationale Cooperation of the DVV

Christoph Jost
Director DVV International


While the DVV Board determines the principles and guidelines for the work of the DVV, the operational and strategic work is done by committees and working groups.

Organisational and Financial Committee (OFA)

Organisational and Financial Committee (OFA)

The Directors of the VHS state associations are represented in the Organisational and Financial Committee (OFA). They develop recommendations on policy issues for the association's work and advise the Board on organisational and association affairs.

Chair: Steffi Rohling, VHS State Association of Rhineland-Palatinate

Deputy Chair: Dr. Christoph Köck, Direktor VHS State Association of Hessen

Gender and Diversity Committee


Beate Blüggel, Director VHS Aachen


German Adult Education Association (DVV), Federal Office

Sascha Rex, Referee for Social and Policy Issues               

Institute for International Cooperation in DVV

Gisela Waschek, Senior Desk Officer Events and Knowledge Management

VHS State Association Baden-Württemberg

Dr. Cristina Ricca, Director VHS Badische Bergstrasse and
Dr. Michael Lesky, Referee VHS Association Baden-Württemberg

VHS State Association Bavaria

Bernhard Greiler, Head of Office vhs Deggendorfer Land e.V.

Senate Department for Education, Youth and Science Berlin

Susanne Roggenhofer, Director VHS Pankow

VHS State Association Brandenburg

N.N., VHS State Association Brandenburg e.V.        

VHS Association of the State of Bremen

Sonja Spoede, Director "International VHS", VHS Bremerhaven

VHS Hamburg

Sonja Brinschwitz, Director VHS Hamburg

VHS State Association Hessen

Katharina Seewald, Director vhs Kassel Region

VHS State Association Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

Ute Neumann, Project Coordinator, VHS State Association Mecklenburg-West Pomerania

VHS State Association Lower Saxony

Sabine Bertram, Education Manager, VHS State Association Lower Saxony

VHS State Association Rhine- Westphalia

Dr. Beate Blüggel, Director VHS Aachen

VHS State Association Rhineland- Palatinate

Rudolf Fries, Director VHS Trier

VHS State Association Saarland

Hans-Jürgen Schäfer, Director VHS Neunkirchen County

VHS State Association Saxony

Beate Tischer, Education Associate, VHS Leipzig

VHS State Association Saxony-Anhalt

no participation possible

VHS State Association Schleswig-Holstein

Helga Jones, Director Förde-vhs

VHS State Association Thuringia

Sylvia Kränke, Director VHS State Association Thuringia

Advisory Council

The Board of DVV advises the Executive Board and Members' Council on key issues and challenges that are of particular importance for the development of further education and adult education work in Germany and at the European level.

Advisory Council

Members (2015-2019)


Prof. Dr. Gerhard Bosch
University of Duisburg-Essen, Director, Institute for Work and Qualification

Prof. Dr. Helmut Bremer
University of Duisburg-Essen, Professor of Adult Education

Prof. Dr. Veronika Fischer
Technical University Dusseldorf, Professor of Educational Sciences

Prof. Dr. Anke Grotlüschen
University of Hamburg, Professor of Lifelong Learning

Prof. Dr. Klaus Meisel
VHS Munich GmbH, Management Director

Halit Öztürk
University of Münster, Professor of Education

Prof. Dr. Christiane Schiersmann
Universtity of Heidelberg, Professor of Educational Sciences

Prof. Dr. Josef Schrader
German Institut for Adult Education (DIE), Scientific Director

Prof. Dr. Eckhart Severing
University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Professor, Institut for Education; Member of the Management of Bayer Training Centre for Economy

Prof. Dr. Dieter Timmermann
President of the German Student Union

Prof. Dr. Rudolf Tippelt
Ludwig-Maximilian-University Munich, Professor of General Education and Educational Research


Sylvia Löhrmann
Minister of Education and Training and Deputy Prime Minister of NRW

Doris Pack
President of the State Association Saarland and former Member of the European Parliament

Marion von Wartenberg,
State Secretary, Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports Baden-Württemberg


Dr. Achim Dercks
Deputy CEO of the DIHK

Elke Hannack
Deputy Chair of the DGB


Arne Carlsen
UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning

Gina Ebner
Secretary General EAEA

Dr. Jens Peter Gaul
Secretary General of the German University Rectors´ Conference

Dr. Gerd Landsberg
CEO of the German Association of Towns and Municipalities

Prof. Dr. Reinhold Weiß
Federal Institute for Vocational Training (BIBB), Permanent Deputy President


Werner Reuß
Programme Director ARD-alpha

Jörg Schönenborn
Director, WDR TV

VHS Praxis

Ewald Gaden
Spokesperson for the National Conference of Medium-sized Metropolitan VHS; Director, City of Speyer Training Centre

Dagmar Mikasch-Köthner
Spokesperson for the National Conference of Large-Urban VHS, Director, VHS Stuttgart

Marlene Schnoor
Spokesperson for the National Conference of Large-Urban VHS, Board of VHS Hamburg

Gerlinde Schöpp
Spokesperson for the National Conference of Regional VHS; Director of Harz County VHS



Federal Working Groups

For the professional networking of work in the DVV, state adult education associations appoint representatives to working groups on different topics.

Federal Working Groups

Federal Working Groups

Work and Carreer

Joachim Rattinger, Instructor, Bavarian VHS Association

Advanced Learning Environments

Karsten Schneider, Director, VHS Association Saarland


Dr. Gerhart Hartmann, Head of Programme area Health, VHS Association Bavaria
Susanne Nolte (deputy), Department Head, VHS Bremen

Basic education, literacy and certificates

Martina Haas, Technical Officer, VHS Association Baden-Württemberg
Marion Altendorf, Director VHS Spandau


Dr. Julia Gassner, Technical Officer, VHS Association Baden-Württemberg
Markus Bassenhorst, Director, programme areas, VHS Association Bavaria

Brand Communication

Dina Heikal, Director Marketing, VHS Association Bavaria

Policy and Environment

Steffen Wachter, Referatsleitung im Hessischen Volkshochschulverband
Dr. Michael Lesky, Technical Officer, VHS Association Baden-Württemberg

Professionalisation, Consulting, Organisational Development

Dr. Christiane Ehses, Deputy Director, VHS Association Hessen
Filip Dedeurwaerder-Haas, Technical Officer, State VHS Association NRW


Dirk Wolk-Pöhlmann, Technical Officer, VHS Association Rhineland-Palatinate
Christina Bruhn, Technical Officer, State VHS Association Schleswig-Holstein

The heads of the adult education centres meet annually in the federal conferences for large urban, medium metropolitan and regional adult education centres.

Federal Conferences

Federal Conferences

Federal Conferences of Large Urban VHS

Dagmar Mikasch-Köthner, Director, Volkshochschule Stuttgart

Marlene Schnoor, Managing Director, VHS Hamburg

Federal Conference Medium Metropolitan VHS

Ewald Gaden, VHS Speyer

National Conference Regional VHS

Gerlinde Schöpp, Director of Harz County VHS

In addition to these committees, which meet continuosly, DVV sets up limited in time working task forces on current issues of overriding importance.

In addition to these committees, which meet continously, DVV sets up limited in time working task forces on current issues of overriding importance

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